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Aluminium Sheet
This color coated aluminium sheet is utilized for making boating buildings, roof structures and pipes in numerous industries. It is treated with quality chemicals and substances to oppose different compounds and harmful elements.
CZ Metal Purlin
The CZ metal purlin available in grey and red colour options can be utilized for many applications, such as door frame, pallet rack, hand rail, rack, etc
Colour Coated Sheet
The colour coated sheets have the advantages of simple cleaning, low maintenance as well as boosted serviceability. The sheets come with extended lengths and variations, but are stable in shape.
Corrugated Sheet
Corrugated roofing sheets have a distinctive design, such as repetitive folds, which makes these sheets durable and reliable. A wavy construction allows for an increase in strength.

FRP Sheet
Plastic sheets reinforced with fibres are used in numerous construction and architectural applications. The company offers FRP sheets, both transparent and opaque for roofing purpose in warehouses, workshops, garage, etc. 
GI Colour Coated Roofing Sheet
GI Colour Coated Roofing Sheet provides protection from the elements. With the use of modern machinery and standard quality steel, this sheet is properly made.This sheet is quite affordable and well-liked in the market.It's also utilized as a foundation for building constructions.

GI Sheet
Buy from us galvanized steel and GI sheets in plain design. These sheets are mainly demanded in industries for a variety of applications. The rust free sheets have high strength which make them ideal for such applications. 
Insulated Puf Roof Panel
Construction companies value the insulated PUF roof panels functioning and aesthetics. As the very name implies, it is applied on the roofs of mainly commercial and industrial buildings, such as ripening chambers, control rooms, cold storage rooms, etc. 
Metal Ppgi Ppgl Coil
These high-quality and serviceable metal PPGI PPGL coil come with different strength as well as thickness specifications. These coils are stable in configurations and ensure high strength in all applications.
The rolling shutters widely used in commercial areas to secure the retail stores at night and on holidays. Apart from using them in shop front, these doors can also be installed as front doors of godowns and garages. 
Screws that self-drill can cut through roofing sheets. These roofing accessories are the best alternatives to self-tapping screws. These screws are available in a wide range of sizes, lengths, and thicknesses. 
Turbo Air Ventilator Fan
Turbo Air Ventilator Fan is a non conventional energy product that can be installed in factories, sheds, warehouses, paint shops, etc. This can provide 24 hours assured ventilation with zero operating cost. It can be installed on any roof type.