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Insulated Puf Roof Panel

The rigid foam and polyurethane in PUF Panels provide insulation, making them an ideal material for constructing roofs. By maintaining a uniform temperature throughout a building, PUF panels can help you save a lot of money on electricity. Panels made from PUF are also used for renovations and redecorating of buildings. With the panels, building remodelers can bring design flexibility. This panel can be availed in distinctive sizes in terms of length, thickness and width. The overall applications of such panel are that they are cost efficient and can be used in cold storage facilities, portable cabins, prefab structures, accommodation shelters, insulated industrial sheds, warehousing sheds etc.

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Marcegaglia Buildtech Insulated Panel

Price: 150 INR/Square Foot
  • Type:Insulated Puf Roof Panels
  • Material:Other, Metal
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Roof Sandwich Panel

Price: 150 INR/Square Foot
  • Type:Roof Sandwich Panel
  • Material:Metal , Other